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Fried Olives (Greek Meze)

February 16, 2018


300gr Throuba olives

200g flour

1 small glass of beer

2 eggs yolks

1 lemon (zest)

3tbsp grated cheese

3-4 tbsp breadcrumbs

olive oil for frying



Prepare the batter by mixing the flour, the beer, the egg yolks, the lemon zest and the grated cheese. Slowly whisk until a thick batter forms. You don’t want it to be ninny, if so add more flour.

Remove the kernels from the olives, heat the oil in the pan, dip the olives one by one in the batter and start fry them.

Put the olive balls on an absorbent paper to drain up and after that, serve them hot as an appetizer.

Tip*: Enjoy the meze with greek ouzo

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