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Fresh Food Counter with Greek Mediterranean Products

In our physical store in Leipzig you can find exquisite greek mediterranean products made with fresh and pure ingredients by local producers from every corner of the greek land.

Visit us and taste the authentic flavors of the Mediterranean Diet.

Frischetheke mit Griechischen Mediterranen Produkten

Address: Byagora Filiale Messehofpassage Neumarkt 16-18, 04109 Leipzig



Feta Cheese
    Griechischer Salat mit Feta Käse Tomate Oliven und Natives Olivenöl extra 1
    Kefalograviera Hard Cheese 
    Kefalotyri Hard Cheese 
    Saganaki Hard Cheese 
    Soft Goat Cheese with Fig 
    Soft Goat Cheese Natural 


      Greek Joghurt Original 

      Griechisher Joghurt mit erdbeeren und Brombeeren


      Garlic Sausage 
      Leek Sausage 
      Country Oregano Sausage 
        Griechischer wurst mit Mayonnaise

        Salads & Dips

        Tzatziki without Preservatives 
        Houmous Dip
        Cod Roe - Taramas Spread Nature 
          Griechisher Hummus


          Marinated Anchovy Fillets 
          Marinated spicy Anchovy Fillets 
          Marinated Sardine Fillets
          Marinated Squids - Calamari 
          Smoked Marinated Mackerel 
            Griechischer Sardellenfilet