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Olives with Garlic & Basil -250g 'Delicious Crete'

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This combination of fresh  basil and garlic could only be Italian inspired and is one of our most popular marinades. Large juicy Greek pitted olives in a marinade of fresh basil, garlic with extra virgin olive oil.

Ingredients: Olives, extra virgin olive oil,garlic, salt, basil, water, vinegar. 

'Delicious Crete' Oliven mit Knoblauch & Basilikum- Olive- Oliven


Per 100g


1121kJ / 268kcal


28.2 g

Of which unsaturated

21.7 g


3.5 g

Of which sugar

1.2 g


1.1 g


7.0 g

Store in a cool and dark place. Greek Product.
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