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Black Olive Spread 100gr. 'Delicious Crete'

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Unique mouth-watering taste,  intact, without any additional flavoring, and of course without the pit. Olive spread is  used to enjoy wonderful marinades, as dips, and anything else  that you can imagine.

It is a classic meze finger food from the Greek Mediterranean table which can also be served as dip with Greek rusk, crackers, or vegetables. Spread on bread or sandwiches. Toss with pasta or use to season fish. Stuff cherry tomatoes and avocado halves. 

Ingredients: black olives (97%), garlic, sunflower oil, herbs, salt

'Delicious Crete' Premium Streichcreme mit griechischen, schwarzen Oliven - Olive - Olivenpaste


Per 100g


1657kJ / 396kcal


39 g

Of which saturated



9 g

Of which sugar

7.5 g


2.3 g


2.8 g

Store in a cool and dark place. Greek Product.
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