'Dirfis' Sea Salt with Truffle -50g

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Creating something unique...

Flower of Salt or sea salt (known in France as "Fleur de Sel") is a natural product gathered by hand, directly from natural salt marshes. It is truly hard to beat:
- It contains more than 80 minerals, all in their pure form.
- It does not contain any refined chemical additives.
- It is bright, fresh and has its natural moisture.

The sea salt is collected from Messolonghi.

In this incomparable product we add black truffle, renowned for its strong aromas. Without the addition of preservatives or flavourings, the truffle, immediately after collection, is washed and simply milled before being meddled with the salt. Thus, the salt absorbs all the aromas of the truffle and preserves them for an extended period of time. The crystals, when consumed, dissolve in the mouth, leaving a soft, sensuous taste.

Sea salt with black truffle simply converts everyday meals into unique haute-cuisine dishes. A small amount suffices at the end of cooking of each dish, just before serving. Try it on plain rice or a sunny-side-up fried egg and enjoy an absolute taste explosion!

'Dirfis' Salz mit Trüffel - Düfte & Salz - Salz

Store in a cool and dark place. Greek Product.
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