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'Drapetsonas' Classic Handmade Halvas with Whole Grain Tahini & Dark Brown Sugar -450g

€19 / Kg

incl. VAT*

Traditional Handmade Halva with Whole Grain Tahini & Dark Brown Sugar 

This exceptional, nutritious and yummy dessert, made of whole grain sesame paste and dark brown sugar, is the "health conscious cousin" of our all-time classic traditional halva.

Halva goes hand-by-hand with fasting and is considered traditional as well as necessary during Lent, while it is especially nutritious, delicious and beneficial for our health. Halva, very popular in the Balkans, in several countries of the Mediterranean and the Middle East, is eaten as a snack or dessert.

For the Heart and Mind: Sesame is highly tonic for the body, as it contains vitamins B that benefit the nervous system, phosphorus that enhances memory and polyunsaturated fatty acids which contribute to a better functioning of the heart and blood vessels.
For the Bones: Owing to the iron content (combats anaemia), calcium and other precious minerals, halva offers exactly those "ingredients" that promote proper metabolic functioning and strengthening of the bones.
Against Bad Cholesterol: Sesame halva is suitable for Lent and a good source of fibre, which reduces levels of bad (LDL) cholesterol in the blood and facilitates digestion.
Elixir of Youth: Sesame contains natural antioxidants called lignans, as well as vitamin E and selenium, which help counter the free radicals that accelerate skin ageing.

Ingredients: Whole Meal Tahini, dark brown sugar, starch syrup, vanilla

'Drapetsonas' Halva mit Tahini & dunkelbraunem Zucker - Süßigkeiten- Halva


Pro 100gr


529 kcal /  2205 Kj


30.9 g

of which saturated

3.1 g


48.9 g

of which sugar

39.6 g


10.3 g


0.03 g

Store in a cool and dark place. Greek Product.
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