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'Elysian' Grape Spoon Sweet -180g

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Handmade - No artificial additives

Spoon sweet is a popular traditional dessert in Greece, usually offered as a gesture of hospitality to guests.The ultimate autumn dessert, is made of fresh Corinthian grapes - sultanina variety, a very lively and productive variety that ripens in early August and has a beautiful golden color and a very sweet taste.For our preserve, we always pick grapes with tight, crisp and spotless berries.
Flavored with a sprig, the sweet of grape spoon, as well as all our sweets, is carefully handmade following traditional and time-tested recipes, using only fresh and pure ingredients without artificial preservatives. As a result, the taste is divine!

You may either serve it on a tiny spoon, alongside a glass of water or combine it with yogurt or ice-cream, on hot buttered toast or even with strong cheese.

Keep refrigerated after opening.

Ingredients: Grapes (90%), Sugar, Lemon Juice, Sweet Rose Geranium.

'Elysian' Traube in Sirup - Süßigkeiten -Früchte in Sirup


Pro 100gr


1001kJ / 239kcal


0.8 g

of which saturated

0.2 g


58.1 g

of which sugar

52.8 g

Dietary fiber

1.8 g


0.8 g


<0.2 g

Store in a cool and dark place. Greek Product.
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