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'EON' Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 500ml

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Superior category finest quality Greek extra virgin olive oil. (Gift box set)

Obtained from fresh olives picked by hand and by mechanical means. The olives are grown and cared for in olive groves which dominate the highland microclimate of Sitia, Crete. Here, the combination of dry, rocky soil and continuous care for the olive trees produce our exceptional EON extra virgin olive oil of max. acidity 0.3% (during bottling).

Deep green with golden hues, EON extra virgin olive oil is unique.

Exceptionally balanced flavours, smooth and fruity with elegant vegetal aromas reminiscent of fresh mown grass.


'EON' Natives Olivenöl extra - Olive - Olivenöl


Pro 100gr


 900 kcal


15.6 g

Of which unsaturated

7.4 g



Of which sugar






Store in a cool and dark place. Greek Product.
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