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Apricot jam with orange & peppermint 'Dolopia' Handmade- 95g

€51 / Kg

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  • Handmade Apricot jam with orange & peppermint

    Handmade Apricot jam with orange & peppermint

      Low Sugar
      No addtitives
      No preservatives
      Extra Marmelade
      77g fruit per 100g marmelade

     42% Apricots, 33Sugar, 23Oranges, 2% Lemon Juice, Peppermint

    The sweetness of ripe apricot combined with soft freshness of orange and freshness of mint. 

    Handmade Apricot jam with orange & peppermint - Serving Suggestion

    For garnishing a vanilla cake, making petit fours or spreading on freshly baked bread!

    Ingredients: apricots (42%), sugar (33%), oranges (23%), lemon juice (2%), peppermint, 

    Handgemachte Marillen Konfitüre mit Orange & Pfefferminze 'Dolopia' - 95g

     Nutrition Declaration

    Pro 100gr


    203 kcal


    1 g


    51 g

    Of which sugar

    49 g


    0,1 g

    Of which saturated

    0 g


    0 g

  • Omvriaki, Domokos, Greece


Store in a cool and dark place. Greek Product.
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