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'Katsaros Distillery' Jivaeri Ouzo - 50ml

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With or without ice, ouzo is a traditional alcoholic drink of Mediterranean cuisine. The aroma of seeds and herbs is released, the drink's composition strengthens, the flavor softens and the senses take off.

Enjoy it as an aperitif or with tasty meze (snacks) and of course with all products of th!nkgreen sardines, anchovies, tuna and olives.


Alcohol  - JIVAERI ouzo is produced from alcohol of agricultural origin of distinct quality.

Water  - crystal, rich in minerals from the foothills of Mount Olympus, the mountain of the gods.

Aromatic seeds and herbs  - these are the secrets of Ouzo. The unique delicate aroma of JIVAERI and its rich velvety flavor derives from the "marriage" when distilling 14 carefully selected aromatic seeds and herbs such as finok, anise, nutmeg, asteroids, etc.

  • Area of Production: Tirnavos
  • Serving Temperature: 8°C
  • Alcohol: ca. 40 % vol.
'Katsaros Distillery' Jivaeri Ouzo Mini - Getränke - Spirituosen

Store in a cool and dark place. Greek Product.
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