'Lena's Gourmet' Pistachio Creme - 190g

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Pistachio Creme

 A modern Greek spread recipe !

Only the best pistachios are processed into the sweet pistachio cream by Lena's Gourmet. And you can taste that!

The Aegina pistachio nut – PDO (Protected Designation of Origin), known in Greece as the Aegina Fistiki, has been cultivated on the island of Aegina since the middle of the eighteenth century. It is naturally grown by small scale farmers and provides the island’s population with its main source of income apart from tourism.

The unique taste, shapely form and full kernel of the Aegina Fistiki, are due to the warm climatic conditions, the texture of the soil, the fact that the trees are not irrigated, as well as the proximity to the sea. Recognizing these characteristics, the European Union awarded the Aegina Fistiki the accolade POP (Protected Origin Product – EC Dir. 1263/96), distinguishing it from all the other pistachios world-wide.

The Lena's gourmet pistachio cream is versatile. Whether as an exceptional spread or panettone this sweet pistachio cream is always a perfect treat with its high pistachio content.

Ingredients: Pistachios, sugar, vegetable oil, whole milk powder, whey powder, milk protein, emulsifier: soy lecithin, vanillin. Contains milk soy, Pistachios. May contain traces of shell.

Emulsifier: Soya lecithin. vanillin

Refrigerate after opening.

'Lena's Gourmet' Pistaziencreme -Süßigkeiten- Honig & Aufstriche
Pro 100g
  • Energy
  • 2421kJ / 581kcal
    • Fat
  • 39 g
    • of which saturated
  • 12.1 g
    • Carbohydrates
  • 48 g
    • of which sugar
  • 19.8 g
    • Protein
  • 9.5 g
    • Salt
  • 0.5 g


    Store in a cool and dark place. Greek Product.
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