'LIVA' Extra Virgin Olive Oil - GOLD -500ml

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LIVA extra virgin olive oil - GOLD

(polyphenols D3> 350mg/Kg)

Health Claim certified - KALAMATA PDO - organic farming

All our olive groves are solely the Koroneiki variety. Its wonderful taste and texture have rightly given the designation of "olive queen", offering us a very praiseworthy final product. The harvest starts early when the olives are unripe, small and green. The unripe olives offer us low acidity oil, very rich in antioxidants and polyphenols, valuable nutrients that make olive oil a top food necessary for the immune system and our body in general.

The oil from Koroneiki olives has a fruity flavor with pleasant light burning, a soft aftertaste and a subtle bitterness.

The production starts a few hours from harvesting of olives and always within the same day, with cold extraction at low temperatures without using water. This process results in a smaller production with higher costs, but excellent quality, because the oil remains rich in nutrients, with superior organoleptic properties. In addition, the cold extraction enables low acidity of products, one of the most essential qualities of the oil. The acidity level remains very low throughout because of packaging we use.

Store in a cool and dark place. Greek Product.
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Type: Olive Oil

Vendor: Liva