Heather honey

Heather honey is one of the rare varieties of honey. It gives off all the perfumes of the Cyclades and has a caramel aftertaste. It is collected from the blossoms of heather, the nectar of which makes the bees ecstatic. Magic flows into its rich and thick texture. One tablespoon is enough to give us "divine" proportions.

The Heather Honey is a product of great nutritional value and that is why it is extremely suitable for the stimulation of our organism. It has the distinctive full flavor of a bitter candy and it encloses all the intense earthy scents of the heather flowers. The Heather Honey is among the elite of the Greek honeys and it is especially preferred by demanding honey lovers.

Known as the 'Champagne' of all honeys, heather honey is dark and semi-set.  A highly intense, distinctive, warm, woody and floral aroma reminiscent of the Greek Moyuntains. An assertive, full-bodied, warm, smoky palate of toffee with underlying notes of plum and coffee. The finish is endless, deep, malty and floral with a tanginess that lingers. 

Use as a glaze for pork, ham, game, poultry, salmon and trout, and also in cakes, bread and ice cream. Pair with Stilton, Chedar, Scottish Crowdie or a semi-aged Goat's Cheese.

'Melira' Heidehonig - Süßigkeiten - Honig & Spreads

Pro 100gr


1340kJ / 320kcal


0 g

Of which unsaturated

0 g


80 g

Of which sugar

70 g




5 mg