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'Melithi' Orange-Tangerine trees Honey- 260g

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Citrus trees (orange tree, tangerine tree etc) are an important source of nectar for the production of honey. Citrus trees honey (mainly orange tree honey) is produced in Argolida. In order to benefit from the nutritional value of this particular honey, it should be consumed soon after it is produced and kept away from high temperature.

Melithi orange tree honey is collected in Assini, Argolida.

The fructiferous Argolida plains is one of the regions where orange trees are mostly cultivated and half of the national orange harvest is produced there.

Argolida and its whereabouts are indeed the homeland of orange trees. Thousands of acres with orange trees adorn the Argolida Plains. It is indeed worth to visit the region during Spring and enjoy the aroma transmitted by thousands of orange trees.

Light, brilliant yellow.

orange tree honey has a wonderful, intense aroma and an exceptionally refreshing taste.

Nutritional Value and Beneficial Properties.
It reduces stress heals gastritis, contributes in calming migraine and helps treat anemia since it aids to the absorption of Iron. Moreover, the orange tree honey shows a strong, anti-oxidant action.

it crystallizes very soon, in 2-3 months.

Calorific Value:
15gr of orange tree honey give 49 Cal.

Basic Constituents: the high nutritional value of this honey is directly related to its rich substance in trace elements and amino acids and has the highest zinc concentration compared to other varieties.

'Melithi' Orangen-Mandarinenbäume Honig - Süßigkeiten - Honig & Spreads


Pro 100gr


283 kcal


0 g


70.8 g


0.25 g


0.01 mg

Vitamin C

2.2 mg

Vitamin B5 0.05 mg

Store in a cool and dark place. Greek Product.
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