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'Melithi' Honey with Chios-Mastic - 260g

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 Nutrition Facts
It is a mixture of fine Greek forest honey and distillate mastic.
Forest honey:
– is rich in potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron and sodium
– contains enzymes which boost the metabolism and functions of vital organs and helps in gastric disorders, flues and overstrain

Mastic (mastiha) of Chios is famous both for its special aroma and healing properties.
From ancient times, its beneficial properties  and its contribution to the relief of various diseases have been documented while in modern times it is scientifically proven:
– to have positive effect against diseases of the digestive system,
– to help with oral hygiene,
– it presents significant antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory action,
– is a natural antioxidant and
– it contributes to wound healing and skin regeneration.

Honey is preserved in a cool, dark, dry and odorless environment. 

'Melithi' Honig mit Chios-Mastix - Süßigkeiten - Honig & Spreads


Pro 100gr


224 kcal


0 g


56 g


0.32 g


0.04 mg

Vitamin C

2.4 mg

Vitamin B5 0.06 mg

Store in a cool and dark place. Greek Product.
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