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'Naoumidis' Dried Hot peppers - Extra Hot -106g

€49 / Kg

incl. VAT*

An extra hot sun-dried spice in powder form, made from organic Florina chili peppers. It can be added to all foods giving a touch of spice.

The red Florina pepper is a unique product cultivated in the northern Greek region of Western Macedonia and specifically the area of Florina after which it is named. Its deep red colour, the horn-like shape and its sweet flavour and aroma make this product recognisable all over Greece. Try this series of Florina pepper products of excellent quality produced by Naoumidis family to appreciate its uniqueness.

'Naoumidis' Getrocknete Rote Paprika- Extra scharf - Düfte & Salz - Gewürze
Store in a cool and dark place. Greek Product.
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