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Peppers Roasted Hand-Stripped - 260g 'Naoumidis'

€55 / Kg

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100% roasted authentic Florina peppers with extra virgin olive oil, salt, garlic and vinegar.  Peeled by hand in order to keep the original flavors. Handmade organic product, pasteurized without preservatives. Served as a hot or cold plate.

Ingredients: Charcoal grilled red pepper, extra virgin olive oil, salt, vinegar

Contains sulfites

'Naoumidis' geröstete, handgeschälte Paprikaschoten- Salzige Lebensmittel- Meze 
Per 100g

119 cal


6.8 g


12.9 g


1.6 g

Store in a cool and dark place. Greek Product.
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Type: Greek Meze

Vendor: Naoumidis