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'Olive Gardens' Plum olives from the Mycenaean earth - Natural fermentation - 330g

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Plum olives from the  Mycenaean earth - Natural fermentation

The ‘Plum Olive’ is the revival of a very old Greek variety of olive.

Its systematic cultivation started and flourished in the Argolis region and eastern Arcadia on the coast of the Argolic Gulf. It is a tree that produces the largest size olive (it can reach up to 20gr per olive and locally it is known as ‘Gaidourelia’).
Plum Olives have a very particular shape and flavour with strong aroma and rich flesh.

Our olives are prepared in the old, traditional way. Without chemical additives, we leave the fruit with the water, salt and the time necessary for the olives to be fermented naturally. The debittering is achieved without the use of soda which is why for several months the olives stay in our barrels with little but precious interference (secrets of the family tradition).
When the process is completed, we deliver to you a unique, traditional Greek product with a distinctive flavour.

Ingredients:Olives, water, olive oil, salt, citric acid.

Keep in refrigerator for 20 days after opening.

Without preservatives – 100% Natural

Olive Gardens' Pflaumen-Oliven aus der mykenischen Erde - Natürliche Gärung-Olive-Oliven


Per 100gr


673kJ / 161kcal


16,8 g

of which saturated

1,8 g


1,4 g

of which sugar

0,1 g

Dietary Fibre

4.3 g


1,2 g


4,9 g




Store in a cool and dark place. Greek Product.
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Type: Olives

Vendor: Olive Gardens