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Orange Jam 'Mastos' - 330g

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  • Orange Jam

     No preservatives
     No additives
     Νο colourings
     Νο glucose
     Greek product
     Traditional recipes

    Orange Jam is made from high quality oranges selected from the area of Mastos, in the center of the rich and fertile valley of Argolida.
    Τhe intense orange color and the rich flavor are the main characteristics of the orange jam!
    Orange Jam is ideal for a nutritious breakfast to start your day and a delicious pairing for your salads.

    Mastos takes care of the excellent quality of its products as the fruit is collected by small producers who love and respect nature and leave it free of fertilizers and chemicals.

    Mastos highlights the natural characteristics of each fruit during processing and accompanies them with gentle aromas of fresh sagebrush, vanilla sprigs and other elements of nature.

    Keep in the fridge after opening for 30 days.

    Orange 55%, total sugar 65%, fresh lemon juice, sugar.
    Orangenkonfitüre 'Mastos' - 330g
    Nutritional Facts   Per 100gr
     Energy 263.8 kcal/1121 kj
     Fat 0.02g
     of which saturated  0g
    Carbohydrates 65g
    of which sugars 62.8g
    Edible fibers 1g
    Proteins 0.3g
    Salt 0.01g

  • Mastos, Argolida, Greece

Store in a cool and dark place. Greek Product.
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