Honey Spoon from Original Olive Wood - 15cm

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Olive wood is used since antiquity in the Mediterranean for items of daily use. Its high density renders it solid and hard with long life and durability for everyday use. According to the tree's variety, the altitude where it grows and the manufacturer's capacity, the wood "reveals" its special "lines" that are unique and beautiful. These useful items are made from original natural olive wood and have been oiled with a layer of pure olive oil without any trace of polish or chemicals. For their maintenance after long use in case the special "lines" of the olive wood become "dull", simply "apply" on them pure olive oil with a soft tissue without fuzz.

One method of using the tool is to dip the grooved spiral end into the liquid, then slowly twirl the handle between the thumb and fingers while in transport, to prevent dripping.

*Handmade product

Use it to drizzle honey on bread, biscuits, or other foods of that nature.

'Rizes Crete' Honiglöffel -Spezial -küchenutensilien 

Store in a cool and dark place. Greek Product.
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