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'Saristi' Organic Herbal Infusion - Relax - 30g

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Unwind, let off steam and inhale peace of mind. Our Relax blend alleviates tension so you can experience inner tranquility. Bring your body back to balance with soſt citrus undertones, a floral bouquet of lavender and soothing aromas of sweet linden and bright saffron to bring out the Zen within!

Saristi blends contain certified organic wild herbs carefully sourced from all corners of Mother Earth, uniting the world in a cup. With origins in the sacred mountaintops of Greece, experience a physical and spiritual alignment through powerful Eastern and Western healing plants. Unique bio energies bio flow through each handpicked herbal blend, activating vibrational remedies that rebalance the mind, body and soul. 

Ingredients: lemon balm, linden, lavender, lemon verbena, saffron

'Saristi' Organische Kräuterinfusion - Entspannen - Düfte & Salz - Kräutertee

Store in a cool and dark place. Greek Product.
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